We have created the first language model in the CIS that recognizes Kazakh and mixed Kazakh-Russian speech.
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"Speech Lab" company
Our advantage is the adaptation of speech technologies for Kazakh and mixed Russian and Kazakh languages.

What do we offer?
We are a developer and technology expert in the field of biometrics, speech synthesis and recognition, intelligent processing and analysis of large amounts of audio and video information.
  • Speech recognition
    Technology for automatic conversion of speech to text.
  • Voice Identification
    Text-independent voice matching in any language and with high accuracy
  • Speech Synthesis
    Text-to-Speech technology that allows any textual information to be spoken by a synthesized voice
  • Gender detection
    Technology automatically detects the gender of the speaker
Our solutions
We work every day to bring you the most advanced language recognition solutions
  • Speech analytics solutions for call centers
  • Smart chat-bots
  • Voice assistants
  • Solutions for Smart City, Smart Home systems
  • Information Security Solutions
  • Court work automation solutions
  • Automatic recording systems of meetings and conferences
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